Wednesday April 10th, 2019 17:30-21:00
Theme: Ways to Success

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TEDxNorrköping live talk:
Goran Asaad:

Stand up comedian and public speaker.
How Humor can save your life.
Replayed TED Talk:
Kotchakorn Voraakhom:
How to transform sinking cities into landscapes that fight floods
TEDxNorrköping live talk:
Felicia Margineanu:

Speaker, social entrepeneur, photographer.
A failing success.
Break for discussion and refreshments
TEDxNorrköping live talk:
Robert Szasz:
Operations manager.
Successful leadership: Pressing the "like" button on your co-workers.
Replayed TED Talk:
Lýdia Machová:
The secrets of learning a new language.
TEDxNorrköping live talk:
Lars Taxén:

Associate professor, Linköping University.
The musical score - a pathfinder to the human nature?
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