Thursday December 12th, 2019,
Theme: Digitalization and Society.

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Karin Stolpe: Who speaks up? – Experiences from a research conference on education.
A crucial part of the research process is taking part in conferences where researchers exchange and develop ideas. In this talk, I use actual data to show who are their voices during a recent international education conference. I will discuss consequences for the research community, and what our students will get to learn in school in the long run. Students of today need to be prepared f or a digitalised society. Hence, education has to undergo changes that are based on relevant research on education.
Linnea Rothin: Who constructs our digital society?
Abstract: Why are we still talking about more women in tech? Linnea Rothin will give you the statistics as well as propose a solution. Also - confirmation bias in tech and why Ai's got hit by #metoo.
Lonni Besancon: Automatic Visual Censoring: from Science-Fiction to Reality..
Abstract: Despite clear concerns with ethics or privacy, automatic visual censoring is a research area addressing real user needs. While aversion to shocking content is natural, it tends to limit people’s ability to educate themselves or make informed decisions. Our research has focused on images of medical procedures and has shown that existing image-processing techniques can reduce the emotional impact of medical procedure images, while, at the same time, preserving important information. In addition, we have developed a google chrome extension that automatically detects and processes potentially shocking content in the hope that it will help people inform themselves through media that they know they would otherwise find difficult to watch.
Lina Johansson: Immersive experiences in the digital age - what’s new about them?
Abstract: Recent development of new immersive technologies has spurred an increased interest in immersive experiences as a tool for engaging with an audience in new and purposeful ways. But what does immersion really mean and is there anything essentially new about it? What is getting lost if the concept of immersion is understood as a mere product of technological development?
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