The Very First TEDxNorrköping Event
September 22nd, 2011.
Theme: Motivation and Creativity
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  Live Recordings at TEDxNorrköping:

Elisabeth Nilsson
County Governor, Östergötland, Sweden.
Opening Speech
Opening This First TEDxNorrköping Event.

Peter Gärdenfors.
Professor, author, speaker.
TEDxNorrköping Talk
How to make students motivated.

Bo Larsson.
Educator, teacher, speaker.
TEDxNorrköping Talk
A Growth Mindset for a Creative Mind

 Lennart Green "Misdirector", and
 Niklas Lennartsson  Close-up  magician.
 TEDxNorrköping Talk
 A Bonus Close-up Magic  Performance.
 Lennart Green also TED Talk 2005:
 Green does close-up card magic.
  Replayed TED Talks:

Chris Anderson.
TED Curator.
TEDx Introduction.

Sir Ken Robinson.
Speaker, author, professor, and international advisor.
TED Talk 2006: Schools kill creativity.
View also his RSA Animated TED 2010:
Changing education paradigms.

Dan Pink.
Author, speaker, journalist.
TED Talk 2009
On the surprising science of motivation.
View same title as a "Whiteboard Animated Magic" from RSA.

Mingle Interviews etc.
Video Collage from the event.

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