Thursday October 24th, 2019
Theme: New Perspectives - When and Why?

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17:30: Check-in at CNEMA. Everybody Seated at 18:00!
18:00: Welcome. Introduction.
18:10:  Darya Yegorina: Serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of CleverBooks. Public speaker.
Talk title: Augmenting Education.
Abstract: The skill of sustainable education is extremely important today than ever before. Combining affective and personalized learning with emerging technologies can bring unexpected results. How can we focus on creating skills for the future jobs?
18:30: Replayed TED Talk: Olympia Della Flora: Creative ways to get kids to thrive in school
18:50:  Torkel Klingberg: Professor Cognitive Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Talk title: Hacking the Mathematical Brain.
Abstract: Hacking the mathematical brain - How digital tools can enhance childrens learning.
New results from brain research reveals how the brain percieves numbers. This knowledge is now being used to create digital learning tools that are enhancing children mathematical abilities globally.
19:10: Refreshments and Discussions.
19:40:  Stephan Andersson: Representative, "Ombudsman", for children and school students, Norrköping City. 63 years old. Principal for 23 years, been working whith children since 1976.
Talk title: What has happened seems to happen again and again.
New perspectives can change the experience of things that have happened, which can be important as what has happened to us has not only happened but seems to happen to us over and over again. Creating good meetings with children as a professional can be vital. Adding new perspectives and daring to be salutogenic interpreters can to some extent change what has already happened and definitely affect future actions and events.
20:00: Replayed TED Talk: Mary Maker: Why I fight for the education of refugee girls (like me)
20:20:  Sonja Vandeleur: ICOT-2020 organiser. Board member Thinking Schools South Africa. PhD,
Talk title: Thinking Schools in a South African context.
Abstract: South Africa is facing many challenges in education, especially the quality of education. One possible solution is a focus on teacher training with a focus on thinking skills.
20:40: Concluding Discussion. Announcements .
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