TEDxNorrköping Event, June 13th 2012,
Theme: Sense and Sensibility
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Sheena Iyengar
(TEDGlobal 2010):
On the Art of Choosing
André Skagervik
(Live TEDxNorrköping):
You are the product
Annika Wallin
(Live TEDxNorrköping):
Why make good decisions?
Gerd Gigerenzer
(Live TEDxNorrköping):
Simple Heuristics that Make us Smart
Katarina Gospic
(Live TEDxNorrköping):
Brainy Choices – Greedy or Fair?
Daniel Kahneman
The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory

Photos from this event via flickr

Photo: Mårten Hagelin, Bitte Sundin.