Thursday February 8th, 2018 17:00-20:00
Theme: Impact of Music!
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17:30: Check-in at CNEMA. Everybody Seated at 18:00!
18:00: Welcome, TED-rules. TED’s TEDx-Intro video
18:05: Haris Agic: CULTURE MATTERS – in health, illness, life and death.
Talk video. Talk manuscript.
18:20: Replayed from TED.com:
Janet Iwasa: How animations can help scientists test a hypothesis.
18:25: Danny Keir: Becoming A Music City.
18:45: Break for discussion and refreshments
19:25: Vanna Mantefors: My Debut - Facing Time.
With Jesper Olofsson, piano, and Albin Ormegard, guitar.
19:40: Stefan Palmquist: Music for growth - how music can be a competitive advantage for companies and brands.
19:55: Replayed Talk from TED.com:
Chris Milk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine.
20:00: Concluding Information, Announcements, Discussion.
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