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Thursday June 7th 2017.
Organiser: Alexandra Koptyaeva is from the cultural capital of Russia St. Petersburg. She is a first-year Master student on a new program called Ethnic and Migration Studies, which is located in Campus Norrköping. She is studying sociology of migration for almost four years, and during this MA program she hopes to deepen her knowledge in this sphere and gain new experience. She has never lived in Europe for such a long period before, and is so excited about it!

Home-Making Practices of People Who Are in the Move.
In the situation of transit when going back and moving forward is impossible, people are trying to construct a shelter even on the temporal ground. The occupation of vacant city buildings by activists and solidarians in Athens and its transformation to squats for refugees and their families is a good alternative to detention centers, camps, and hotspots. When I was volunteering in the Refugee Accommodation Center “City Plaza” in Athens in this year, Alexandra was trying to understand how the ‘feeling of home’ is created by refugees and supported by volunteers and activists in this place. What makes people call squat their ‘home’ and why they don’t want to leave it when they are relocated to another place? How ‘home’ is experienced in the situation of uncertainty by people on the move? She argues that the daily activities of the residents and volunteers and the organisation of the space help to construct a positive notion of ‘home’ even despite the attempts of the government to evict such buildings.

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