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Thursday March 8th 2018, 6 PM

Organiser: Priscilla Navarro.
Theme: Taking our ECO apple one step closer to environmentally

Priscilla Navarra is a PhD candidate at Linköping University in the Logistics and Quality Management department. Her research concerns the use of Process Management as a tool for the freight transport sector to deal and fulfil the demands that come with environmental sustainability. Priscilla studied her master program at LiU and her bachelor in Costa Rica, her home country. She is currently working in the writing of her dissertation. Presenting my research at the TEDx Norrköping, she says, is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to discuss the challenges, benefits and effects of today’s transportations in the environmental sustainability.

Short description of the talk:
Think that you want an apple. Do you walk or ride your bike instead of driving a car to buy it? Do you buy the organic or ECO option? If you do, good job! You are helping the environment heal. But, is it enough? How do you think your apple got to the supermarket? Goods in general need to be transported from their production facilities to a place where we can buy them. Freight transport companies are the ones that drive the goods on truck to their destination. Lately, new solutions have been developed and research in how to decrease the environmental effect of these transports. Solutions such as electric highways, alternatives fuels and hybrid trucks have been mentioned for attacking this issue. Companies make considerable investments in including these solutions in their operations and they do take us a step closer towards the goal of being environmentally friendly, but could we be missing something. How can they manage this new technologies and deal with the demands that come with environmental sustainability? There is a need to include managerial approaches into the efforts for dealing with this issue. This Talk will provide an introduction on one of those efforts towards managing transport companies for increasing their environmental sustainability. After the talk we will discuss the subject and share ideas on how to decrease the impact of these kind of companies.

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