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Thursday November 2nd 2017.
Organiser: Yelyzaveta Hrechaniuk.
Theme: Who's Afraid of the Uncreative Child? - Exploring Ideas around Children's Creativity.

Yelyzaveta Hrechaniuk is a PhD student at the department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies (Tema Barn) at Linköping University: In her talk, she discussed notions around creativity, childhood and values.

Creativity is today without a doubt a western world's buzzword. My research interest follows ideas and practices which emerge from intersections of various notions of creativity and childhood. Why, primarily in the minority world, young children are seen as inherently blessed with rich imagination? What happens when these notions sink into different areas of life, starting from school curricula to popular culture, advertising and creative industries? And why do so many adults sustain these Romantic ideals of children’s creativity – in other words, who and why is afraid of the uncreative child? Finally, what can a deeper understanding of ”creative children” tell us about adults and adulthood, imagination as such and its value(s)? These are some of the questions that I am going to raise in my talk. As I am about to dive headfirst into my dissertation project which will in one way or another touch up on children’s creativity, I am very much looking forward to the Salon and hearing your thoughts on the matter.

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