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Thursday October 19th 2017.
Organiser: Aline Groh.
Theme: Inclusive sexual education - Why it is beneficial for everybody
Aline Groh has a background in sociology and gender studies, works as a care worker with people with disabilities, and is interested in the intersections of disability, gender, and sexuality.

How we all can benefit from a sex education that is inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities.
People with intellectual disabilities are many times perceived as being asexual, or in contrast, hypersexual. When they explore their sexuality they are perceived as being vulnerable and in need of protection. These perceptions lead to one-sided sexual education, which results in diminished sexual pleasure. Having worked with people with intellectual disabilities in various contexts, I have realised that the sexuality of our clients has in many cases been silenced, which has resulted in insecurity about the ways in which sexuality can be thematised. Consequently, I felt many timed that I have not been able to support the clients in a satisfying way. In my master’s thesis I analysed a Swedish sex education material for people with intellectual disabilities that addresses this problematic by providing accessible and inclusive information. Based on this analysis, I argue that by producing easy-to- understand and inclusive knowledge about sexuality, everybody can widen and deepen their understanding of sexuality.

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Elise Roy: When we design for disability, we all benefit

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